The foundation evolved as a multistakeholder project in New York City (since 2009) and Los Angeles (since 2011) (with an ongoing documentary about its evolution).


The Relational Medicine Foundation, an IRS 501c3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to the study and implementation of the high quality RelationalAct, the “mindfully present” person-to-person encounter between patient and healthcare professional, as means of improving the humanism and effectiveness of medicine.  Key activities for the Relational Medicine Foundation, in close collaboration with UCLA, include:

  • Research/Education/Training

  • Artistic Integration of Art and Medicine

  • Corporate and Institutional Collaboration

  • Grant/Philanthropy Funding

  • Dissemination and Strategic Consulting

To support The Relational Medicine Foundation, we are requesting funding to:

  1. Endow a UCLA-Fellowship “Humanism in Advanced Heart Failure”
  2. Endow a Chair in “Humanism in High-Tech Modern Medicine”
  3. Endow the Relational Act Research and Education (RARE) Program/Center/Institute at UCLA.